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Reusable Shopping Bag made from Recycled Water Bottles - Northern Glasses Pint Glass

Reusable Shopping Bag made from Recycled Water Bottles

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Make a statement with us while cutting down your footprint by using this bag in your day-to-day life and cutting out single-use plastics. It's time to throw away our throw away culture. Small choices add up.

Item Specs: 

  • 85% of the bags materials are made from recycled water bottles
  • 14” w x 8” g x 15” h

Our Reusable Shopping Bags are part of our Sustainability Collection, a collection of products meant to help our customers lighten their footprint on the planet in small ways. These bags help the planet in 2 ways:

  1. Gives an extended life to those water bottles that would otherwise end up in our oceans and landfills.
  2. Eliminates the use of single-use plastic bags when you head out shopping.