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Duluth Pack Medium Market Tote - Northern Glasses Pint Glass

Duluth Pack Medium Market Tote

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Without a doubt Northwoods-strong, the Medium Market Tote lets you carry Duluth Pack heritage with you wherever you go. Made with our durable 15-ounce canvas this tote will hold up to anything you task it with. From the city streets to the old country roads, this tote travels with you wherever you go.


  • Four snaps on all sides to secure the bag if desired.
  • Hand constructed 15 oz. canvas for durable quality and heritage "better-with-age" aesthetic.
  • Premium leather handles can be adjusted with roller buckles for multiple length options.
  • Riveted leather reinforcements to make it a multi-generational heirloom.
  • Interior zipped hang pocket for easy access to small items.


  •  Dimensions: 14”H x 13”W x 6”D
  •  Capacity: 18 Liters
  •  Uses: Everyday, Farmers Market, Travel, and Going-Out

Our Duluth Pack products are part of our Sustainability Collection, a collection of products meant to help our customers lighten their footprint on the planet in small ways. These canvas bags are a more eco-friendly alternative to standard bags because they are actually made to last (and covered by Duluth Pack's lifetime guarantee). So you could buy a cheap bag that will wear and tear within a year or two and end up in a landfill somewhere... OR... You could pay for higher quality goods that will last. Paying for higher quality goods isn't lumped in with sustainability conversations enough, but it's a needed conversation in a world of fast-fashion and throw-away culture.