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Our Brands and Inspiration

Minnesota Glasses is the 2nd brand developed by VOICE Enterprise LLC.  Who is VOICE Enterprise?  Started by Mitch Reaume in Minnesota at age 23, VOICE is a network of entrepreneurial brands driven by their desire to use business as an agent to build a better world.  The world has seen the potential business has to wreak havoc... How much greater is the potential for it to do good?

While the inspiration to see businesses build a better world is the product of a handful of his experiences (both positive and negative), the most significant inspiration was spurred by his mother, Norma Jean Reaume and her fight with leukemia. By the time she found rest at age 52, Mitch had spent half of his life watching her fight through her suffering, largely for her family.  If there is one message that her life sent, it was this: Fight for things that matter.  

As the world comes together and fights for things that matter, if only half as hard as Norma did... We feel confident that the words of C.S. Lewis will prove true, "there are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind."