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Are they dishwasher safe?

Dang right they are.

Can I do a custom order?

Yes, we run custom orders for people if they are printing more than 72 glasses.  We work with businesses, weddings and breweries all the time.  Got a custom order?  Reach out to us at  We'd love to help.  

What should I choose for shipping?

When you checkout you'll have 2 options for shipping... Will Call and one other choice.  Will call simply means that we will call (probably email) you when your order is ready for you to come and pick it up yourself from our location in Minneapolis. Some people like to save a few bucks... We're down with that.  Otherwise, just go ahead and choose the other option! 

Does it come with beer in it?

No. No it does not.

Is it true the founder's basement is one huge mass of glassware and cardboard?

100% true.  And his wife would LOVE you so much if you could help us grow this thing to the point where we could get them out of there.