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Who We Are

There is a massively underused solution to many of the world's problems: Entrepreneurship.

Northern Glasses is a small drop in the bucket (no pun intended) in our attempt to tackle the problems of water inaccessibility throughout developing nations.  And we're doing it all through the sale of unique glassware.  Glasses for gallons.

Ok actually it goes much deeper than that... When you get a glass we are giving money to charity:water WHICH IN TURN, gives a gallon.  Let's be real here, what rolls off the tongue better:

Glasses for gallons.


You get a glass, we fund an entrepreneurial charity that makes it possible for someone to sustainably have access to getting a gallon of water.



Northern Glasses is owned by Fight For Something, a company that builds brands to fight for things that matter.  Started by Mitch Reaume at age 23, Fight For Something is a network of brands that exist to use business to build a better world.  The world has seen the potential business has to wreak havoc... How much greater is the potential for it to do good? While the inspiration is the product of many experiences, the most significant was planted by his mother, Norma Jean Reaume and her fight with leukemia. By the time she found rest at age 52, Mitch had spent half of his life watching her fight, largely for her family.  If there is one message that her life sent, it was this: Fight for things that matter.  

Inspired by Norma, we're running with that message.