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Duluth Pack Sling Pack - Northern Glasses Pint Glass
Duluth Pack Sling Pack - Northern Glasses Pint Glass
Duluth Pack Sling Pack - Northern Glasses Pint Glass

Duluth Pack Sling Pack

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The Sling Pack is one of our most efficient yet versatile packs with enough features to satisfy a variety of needs. The flexible nylon strap allows for easy on and off usability as well as unlimited comfort. Equipped with an outer pocket, main storage pocket, and elastic cording attached by D-rings, this pack has enough storage to fit the essentials for an array of adventures. With the style to match, this pack is perfect for your next fly fishing adventure, a casual stroll through the city, and more.


  • Hand constructed 15 oz. canvas for durable quality and heritage "better-with-age" aesthetic.
  • Outside pocket for easily accessing important items.
  • Nylon web strap provides durable comfort.
  • Securable elastic cording for holding items such as a light coat.
  • Tough YKK zippers for quick access to secured items.


  •  Dimensions: 17”H x 11”W
  •  Capacity: 16 Liters
  •  Uses: Canoeing, Fishing, Camping, and Hiking

Our Duluth Pack products are part of our Sustainability Collection, a collection of products meant to help our customers lighten their footprint on the planet in small ways. These canvas bags are a more eco-friendly alternative to standard bags because they are actually made to last (and covered by Duluth Pack's lifetime guarantee). So you could buy a cheap bag that will wear and tear within a year or two and end up in a landfill somewhere... OR... You could pay for higher quality goods that will last. Paying for higher quality goods isn't lumped in with sustainability conversations enough, but it's a needed conversation in a world of fast-fashion and throw-away culture.